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Since 1979 we have helped over 3,000 small, medium, and large business, government, education, and health care customers.

Let us provide value-based solutions for you with our certified IBM hosting , IBM i, iSeries, System i, and AS400 knowledge and wide expertise.

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We are recognized for 4 categories we perform uncommonly well:

IBM Power Systems

Save $5,000-$80,000+ On Your Next POWER i (AS400). Smooth Migration. Top Performance.

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4-Hour IBM i Upgrade

Risk-Free, Hassle-Free IBM i, i5OS, OS400 Migration Or Version Upgrade Anywhere In North America.

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30%-70% Less Expensive. Secure-Safe-Faster – IBM i (OS400) Experts. IBM Cloud Hosting Specialists.

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Cloud400 DR

Proven. Affordable. IBM i (OS400) Experts. IBM Hosting Specialists. Recover In Minutes- Not Days.

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What Our Customers Say:

"As a 20+ year AS/400, iSeries veteran, it was such a pleasure finding Bob and his team at Source Data. I have always had my systems in my own data center and the prospect of moving it to the cloud was unsettling. After meeting Bob and his team all my concerns vanished. They demonstrated the kind of expertise and dedication you normally find only in your most trusted employees."

"When you are running mission critical applications you can't afford to miss a beat. The other cloud companies we looked at made me feel like we were just a number. Source Data gave us the attention that demonstrated they are just as committed as we are."

"I wish every company I did business with had the same level of competency as they do."

Ralph Smith, President, EdaptIT, LLC

"I paid $50,000 less than I expected and got a smooth migration to my new IBM Power i from a reliable, expert OS400 project leader. With Source Data you are going to get the right machine at the right price from the right people to get your project done."

Jon Pierce, Director of Information Technology, Victor Medical

"We Saved Over $46,000 On Our New IBM Power i, Got The Easiest Migration In My IT Career, And Our Peak-Load Web Response Time Dropped From 5 Seconds To Instantaneous."
"SDP makes a point of understanding what our business needs are. I believe this is the first time I was handed a questionnaire in order to determine what I was looking for. I think that shows the extra mile that Source Data goes to determine what our needs are and not sell us a pre-configured server that makes the seller the most profit.”

Harold Schlaifer, Chief Operating Officer, The Screening Pros

“My gosh, Source Data saved me over $21,891 per year in IBM support and maintenance! We went to the new IBM Power i – all the hardware, software, and support is built into the lease – the payback was in less than 28 months.”

Richard Givens, Director of Information Technology, Apex Bulk Logistics

“Had we found a fit like Cloud400™ we would have migrated long ago. I would tell a friend they would be crazy to spend any money on new hardware…or write another check for hardware or software maintenance.”

Brady Klick, CEO, Intelligent Health Systems

Cloud400™ Is Just More Cost-Effective
“When we compared the cost of the IBM CBU at over $100,000 and Cloud400™, the cloud approach just made lots of sense.”
“Cloud400 includes all the IBM software we need, all the user licensing, and the processor activation fees. We don’t pay any IBM software or hardware maintenance fees. Those unexpected savings really add up.”
“The Cloud400 team knows what they were doing, have been in business a long time, and really knew OS400.”
“Cloud400 contributes to a real watershed moment for the growth of Equitable Life & Casualty with a target system in sync and failover ready.”

John Sullivan, Director of Office Operations Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company

“The Cloud400 team is world-class, top-notch, easy to work with, professional, get-the-job-done-above-and-beyond."
“I would recommend Cloud400 to any and everybody without hesitation. I already have.”

Mike Miller, CEO, Omikron Data Systems, Inc.

I would recommend Cloud400™. For any user that needs Disaster Recovery (DR) or hosting of any OS400 application, it almost does not make sense to purchase an on-premise server.
“Cloud400 was 53% less expensive than these other OS400 hosting solutions. A big savings.”
“I could tell from talking to the Cloud400 team that they were very knowledgeable of OS400, hosting, iTera replication and had network expertise.”
“I have no doubt in my mind that the future of OS400 computing is going to the cloud. ”

Brian Bradley, Technical Director, Vilden Associates, Inc. Shipping Software And Services Company

“Source Data Products Made The Transition From The 9406-520 To The New IBM i on POWER Seamless”
“What I really liked is after we ordered the IBM I on POWER server, it shipped to SDP’s Data Center where their techs preloaded my system. So when my server came on site, we had everything set up in about 4 hours on a Sunday. This is a really big deal!”
“On Monday, the users were thrilled with the performance improvement. In a following manager’s meeting, I received congratulations on a job well done and a round of applause. That’s great, too.”
“In the past I hired IBM to do our upgrade. IBM would come onsite for the whole weekend. They would back everything up, do the install, restore it all, and test everything. Of course, there are always bumps along the upgrade road. It was a huge and time-consuming undertaking. And, everything at IBM rates.”
“I gladly recommend the SDP 4-Hour Version Upgrade.”

Kathleen Creamer, MIS Manager, Hi-Temp Insulation, Inc.

“Heck, the day after we went live we had a power failure in Baton Rouge. Our office went down, but our other 18 offices kept right on running.”

Manny Kaiser, President, Acme Refrigeration

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