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The Enormous Benefits of Document Imaging

Three Quick Questions for You:
1)  Do you have an IBM System i or iSeries processor?
2)  Is your business in one these industries?
  • Transportation
  • Finance or Banking
  • Hospital or Medical Facility
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Government, Education, or Public Safety
  • Utility
  • Insurance
  • Service Provider
3) Do you handle paperwork?
If so, then Real Vision Imaging (RVI) can save you a lot of money.

What is RVI?

RVI is a document imaging and spool file/report capture solution designed specifically for IBM System i & iSeries customers. RVI enables you to electronically capture, store, manage, deliver, and preserve important paper documents as well as other types of business content.

What does RVI fix?

Paper causes problems. Paper handling processes are inefficient, wasteful, and costly. This results in delays which impact your ability to service your customers. Additionally, storing physical documents presents security, disaster recovery, and compliance exposures. Yet at least 80% of most company information still resides either on paper or microfiche. The complications:
- Manual retrieval processes are slow

- Shared access of information is difficult

- Floor-space is wasted on file cabinets which could otherwise be put to better use

- Clerical support costs (labor and supplies) are on the rise

- Paper is not the best means to preserve your sensitive records

- Security & disaster recovery exposures result with paper storage

- Emerging document management mandates carry serious penalties for non-compliance
Real Vision Imaging was designed to drastically reduce or eliminate these problems by taking you out of the paper (and microfiche) creation, distribution, and handling business.

What’s the Business Value?

These days, your customers (and partners) expect IMMEDIATE responses. RVI offers instant access to anything from anywhere. It can help the RIGHT people get to the RIGHT information at the RIGHT time! Your employee productivity and customer service delivery can significantly improve as a result of much faster and more efficient document search and retrieval capabilities.

Improve your Accounts Receivable and Reduce your Write-offs

With RVI, your employees are able to view, print, email or fax documents in seconds without ever leaving their workstation. Instant access to signed Proof of Deliveries (PODs) and invoices can help reduce your Accounts Receivable balances. Customers no longer have the option to stall payments while file folders containing invoices or other supporting documents are located, copied and mailed. Write-offs can be potentially reduced because instant POD access can help quickly locate “lost” goods. And once the inquiry or dispute is resolved, your employee can instantly email or fax documents directly to your customers — right from their workstation.

Improve Your Customer Satisfaction While Reducing Labor Costs

Do you ever keep customers waiting while you check a signature, look up a report, or search for a billing statement? Even if this takes just five or ten minutes, it’s an annoyance for your customer and an expensive waste of employee time for you. The problem gets worse when you have to call back your customer when their inquiry is not resolved immediately. Multiply these five- or ten-minute instances (and phone charges) by the hundreds or thousands of occurrences that take place every week and you understand the magnitude of the problem. RVI can reduce that wait time from minutes to seconds, which is good for your customers and your operation.

Automate Workflows for Better Efficiency

RVI breaks all the OLD rules of paper handling since documents now move at electronic speeds and can be simultaneously accessed by multiple users. Workflow automation is now possible. This enables you to redesign/re-engineer your business processes. Pre- established rules and logic are defined according to your requirements, resulting in  several benefits:

  • Collapsed cycle times (with fewer steps needed and/or fewer delays between steps)
  • Better prioritization of work items / tasks based on predetermined conditions
  • Establishing routes for better decision making and enforcement of key processes
  • Reduction of time consuming tasks associated with work distribution / tracking
  • Better security of document access through electronic controls

This translates to improved worker productivity, better integrity of work processes, and   enhanced ability to respond to your customers.

Reduced Disaster Recovery and Security Exposure

Paper is NOT the best means to store and preserve critical business records. Open file rooms are not secure. On-site storage offers no protection from potential disasters. The repetitive handling of paper documents increases wear and tear and increases your vulnerability to lost or misplaced files. Off-site archival services are costly and it is both inconvenient and time consuming to retrieve records from these facilities. Archiving your records electronically (to optical platters) automates the backup process, gives you a permanent retention solution, and provides the capability to easily create redundant records (via platter copy). This greatly improves your ability to back up and recover your critical business documents.

A Tool for Compliance

Records retention is governed by legislation. Thousands of mandates/ and regulations have emerged pertaining to various aspects of record keeping. They are often in conflict, as some require open access to records (Freedom of Information Act) while others dictate privacy (like sealed court records). Sarbanes-Oxley  holds companies responsible for the accuracy and integrity of their record keeping. Document imaging clearly has a role in your struggle to establish a compliance strategy.

Why RVI?

Because RVI is an IBM-certified System i Server Proven Solution, it offers the reliability, scalability, performance, and security you have come to expect from your IBM System i processor. Having your document imaging system run on the same server as your existing business applications simplifies installation, integration, operation, and administrative support (not to mention the numerous other advantages of a System i versus a PC-based server environment).

Another benefit is the comprehensive features RVI offers, giving you a very extendable solution.  RVI handles a wide variety of information/content types including scanned documents, color photos, PC-created files, faxes, audiovisual data, and even report/spool file output. Workflow, Internet support, PDF document delivery, and multiple viewer options are all functions that are included with the RVI Complete product. So you can start very easily with a small pilot project and add incremental capabilities over time, as your needs continue to expand.

From a cost containment standpoint, RVI’s pricing structure is entirely processor based — there are NO user-based fees, NO costly add-on modules, nor expensive capture software components that need to be included. Annual maintenance is only 15% and entitles customers to future RVI software releases, making RVI quite affordable. This accommodates your business growth, making it very easy to extend the benefits of imaging to new divisions, new locations or new application areas.

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How do I Get Started?

In the case of document imaging, technology alone is NOT the solution. Planning is just as critical as the products you select. Here are some simple steps.

First, you need to clarify your initial pilot requirements. Understanding the project scope and anticipated work volume requires a little homework. Adequate time should be allowed for design considerations and it is important to involve your users early in the planning effort.

Next, you need to think through the operational impact of going paperless. This requires an understanding of how things are done today and what will change. The capture process scanning/indexing), backfile conversion and document retention requirements should be understood. Start with a manageable project that delivers value, and make it a success. From there, you can determine the best way to expand the system capabilities.

Finally, you should choose your integrator wisely. You want a partner that will concentrate on your business needs FIRST. Implementing other product capabilities can come later. Once you understand your NEEDS, then you can set your budget and begin the process of vendor evaluations. Every installation is unique, so check references and pay attention to the success stories.

Call us at  800-333-2669 x204 or email  blosey@source-data.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  to learn how you can benefit from RVI.

What RVI Customers Say:

“The system allows us to save a tremendous amount of time…document imaging is improving and Real Vision Imaging is clearly leading the way. It has all the bells and whistles we’ve been looking for. I can see where the RVI technology will take us in the future, and I have to tell you, I really like what I’m seeing.”

Bank DP Manager

“When we considered the extra cost of building additional space just for our files, making the move to document imaging was a very cost-effective solution. Document imaging saves us an incredible amount of time and space. Our claims examiners can bring up accurate data quickly and easily without the old paper trail. And our branch underwriters can now access the information they need immediately. All this results in improved customer service and significant cost savings.”

Insurance company VP of  Data Processing

“Before RVI Document Imaging, we had to go to Engineering, pull drawings, make copies, and make shipping packets. And someone knowledgeable had to do all this to make sure we pulled the correct drawings and that they were up-to-date. That application alone justified the purchase. But we also found other uses — archiving reports and scanning invoices. RVI lets us scan a page, attach it to an engineering change record, and have it instantly available. And there is almost zero training necessary.”

MIS Director, Midwestern manufacturer

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Robert Wise, President,
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When we have an issue, we get the answer from Source Data with the first call.
"Source Data  understands what we want in the first call. They have the experience and expertise to get to the heart of the matter to give us the answers we need. If we don't get the answer in the first call, we can trust we will have an answer soon - generally before the end of the day."
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Joe Pfaff, MIS Supervisor
The Gillette Group

"We are happy, happy, happy. SDP’s document imaging solution more than paid for itself. We got our money back in less than 3 months. We figure we are saving $200,000 or more every year. We’re no longer mailing or printing. We don’t have people pushing paper. Bills go out faster and correct. No more postage. No more filing or lost documents. Our customers have more confidence with our billings."

Steve Dipietro, General Manager
Metropolitan Lumber

"As I think about it, Source Data Products provided me with a real 'wow' experience with the AS400 High Availability solution they installed. Hearing the problems of the other HA users in Rochester really blew me away because we have none of them.  I gladly recommend SDP to others whenever I can."

John Saucier, Senior Systems Analyst
Berg Steel Pipe Corp.

"We have been doing business with Source Data a long time because they always deliver as promised.  I find Source Data is always there and always willing to help with good advice and the right answer, even if there is no sale at hand. I have worked with other business partners, and they are not nearly as knowledgeable and generally only will help out when they think there is a sale behind it."

"Source Data is easy to work with and willing to help."

"I would gladly recommend a client or prospect to Source Data. They always have the right answer for me when I call."

Randy Holloway, Triangle Consulting Services
IT Consultant to South Alabama Utilities

"Over the years, Source Data consistently gives me honest, quality advice which has saved me lots of time and saved my clients lots of money. That's one of the big reasons I enjoy working with them. Just recently, Source Data provided one of my larger clients with an upgrade from their 9406-820 to a new Power 6 8203-E4B. We got phenomenal results. The nightly backup and file reorganization went from an hour and a half to four minutes. My client loves the heck out of it."

Dave Hough, Custom Programming

"Our experience with our recent installation was as smooth as our original purchase from Source Data years ago. The pre-planning and testing made the on-site work painless. Mark Breisacher was a pleasure to work with. As I told him when he was in Erie, it is rare to find a person with such obvious technical knowledge that can bring things down to a level that the rest of us technically-challenged folks can understand."

"People have asked me why we go all the way to California to purchase our IBM systems. Though today's ease of communication and travel is a factor, I think our comfort level in dealing with you and your company is the deciding factor. Thanks for the great service."

Seth Marshall, Controller
Organ Supply Industries

“Although we never did buy a machine from Source Data Products, we have, through the years, tapped into your expertise on IBM OS400 resources, and now, as we dissolve our corporation and enter retirement, I must write and tell you what an asset Source Data Products and these IBM servers have been to us over the years as we went from System 36 to the 9406-520.

“The first time I called you I was surprised at your availability and willingness to share your expertise. You are very much informed and on-top-of AS400 system as well as IBM concepts and policies.

“Your newsletter has been a continuing source of important IBM changes, and importantly, an inspiration to us, confirming the wisdom of choosing these platforms. We've always been big fans of these IBM servers, but it's nice to hear the wisdom of our ways from an established authority like Source Data Products.

“Our reliance on these systems has time and again set our company apart from competitors trying to make PC servers supply their information processing needs. The reliability of our IBM systems has been phenomenal!

“And our support from Source Data Products has been great as well. A nice combination! Keep up the good work. You're one of the pleasant memories we'll enjoy as we ride off into the sunset.”

Larry A. Olsen, Sr.
Tracks to Mexico, Inc.

"We were delighted with the professional services provided by Source Data Products. Not only did Jill help us with the migration, she even helped us clean up some other JDE items we had been putting off. And we are thrilled with the performance of the 9406-520. Some jobs run so fast they are completed in the blink of an eye. We used to be able to take a coffee break before they would finish."

Peggy Miller, IT Manager,
Ironman Parts & Services

"We are just tickled with our new AS/400. Everything runs so much faster, it is so much easier to operate, and nightly backup is a breeze. What a smooth migration! We have been so pleased with you guys I wish we could buy something from you every year. "

Don Taylor, Jack C. Arbuckle Company

"We had a successful migration to the new system over a weekend. We were able to go live a week ahead of schedule. The users are thrilled. In the manager's meeting last week, I received congratulations on a job well done and a round of applause. SPD is the most knowledgeable IBM Business Partner we have worked with. Not only did they know the hardware and IBM policies, they understood the characteristics of our software and our applications to guide us to make the best choice."

Kathleen Creamer, MIS Manager,
Hi Temp Insulation Inc

"I have been around a long time - since the System 3 Model 12. I knew right away that SDP knew their stuff. Only SDP took the time to understand my situation and show me other options. With SDP's help, I got the newest iSeries technology and saved more money than I would have with a used 9406-810. That makes me happy - and it makes my CFO even happier. That's better than a win-win situation."

Gusto Rios, IT Director,
Andrews Foodservice Systems

"I want to thank Source Data Products, Inc. for their outstanding job in supplying us with a scalable, network solution. The preparation and support that you provided results in a smooth transition."

Marie Staley, IS Manager, Start Fine Foods

"Of all the vendors, SDP was the only one that could answer all my questions. In some cases, the other vendors' technical suggestions were flat out wrong... and one of them was the former local IBM salesman. SDP made me feel the most comfortable."

Arnold Stringer, IT Manager,
Treadway Electric Company

"Not only did SDP show us a dramatic savings on the 9406-520 that the other IBM Partner did not, only SDP presented a comprehensive range of solutions to address many more business issues we had. SDP really impressed with their knowledge of the IBM iSeries, the related technologies and other software solutions. SDP made us feel very comfortable with our selection of them as our partner. Above all, the migration from the 9406-300 to the 9406-520 went as smoothly as planned."

Nayan Gandhi, Controller, Codan

"SDP's analysis was far more thorough and they were also more knowledgeable about Web-based applications, the IBM hardware itself, and IBM's software policies than the other IBM Business Partner. SDP was also patient with me and explained the technology in a way I could understand. When we got all the numbers in for the correct requirements, we also found SDP had the best price. We are very pleased with SDP."

Faisal Khan, President, Evrex Corporation

"We have enjoyed working with you very much. We got more than just a good price. We found Source Data Products, Inc. to be very knowledgeable, attentive, professional, and easy to work with. You kept us informed on every step of our order. I feel comfortable knowing how you stand behind your sale."

Hector Ladron de Guevara, GMB North America

"I am very pleased with Source Data Products and your very professional business style. I can say that I would highly recommend your services to anyone in the world of business computing who wants straight answers and concise solutions to their data processing needs."

Valerie Siegel, Director of MIS,
SE Wyoming Mental Health Center, Inc.

"A new parent company had a very aggressive plan for us to go to a brand new BPCS manufacturing system. We were able to make that crucial phase of our deadline with your help. In particular, we are thrilled with Dave Davidson's knowledge, expertise and how effectively he has worked with us. You were able to get us up and running in the timeframe we needed."

Kevin Howe, Director of IT, Corona Clipper

"Thank you for the excellent service provided to AFS, Inc. during the implementation of JDEdwards software on our AS400. Source Data Products, Inc provided us with professional and responsive consulting services. We recommend Source Data to any company interested in IBM hardware/software."

Craig Phillips, President, AFS, Inc.

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